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Welcome to Our Virtual Information Desk
Need directions to a department or clinic? Want to visit a patient? We're here to help!

Use our "Virtual Information Desk", accessible at the top of any page on our website by clicking on this Visitor Information Panel icon icon, to help answer common questions or help you find your way before and during your hospital visit.

Of course, you can visit our onsite main Information Desk located at the Melnyk Entrance (off of the Queensway) which is open from 7am to 9pm, Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 9pm Weekends and Holidays. Feel free to call us at 416-530-6000.

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St. Joseph's Health Centre Toronto

There are three types of hospital rooms available to our patients who have to stay overnight in the hospital:

  • Standard ward: Three or four beds per room
  • Semi Private: Two beds per room
  • Private: One bed per room

Medical need is the first priority when assigning rooms, so your request for a specific type of room may not always be filled. However, every effort will be made to give you the accommodation you choose.

Provincial health insurance covers standard ward accommodation only. If you request and receive preferred accommodation or do not have health insurance, you must make payment arrangements before you are admitted to the hospital. If you don’t have supplementary insurance coverage and request preferred accommodation, payment is required.

Fees for preferred accommodation are as follows:

For residents of Ontario who have a valid health insurance card, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for hospital and medical services, with some exceptions. The items not covered by OHIP that you need to pay for include:

  • Preferred accommodation: semi-private $275 per day and private rooms $310 per day. An interprovincial hospital billing rate per diem of $1,433 will be charged in the event that someone is ready for discharge but chooses not to leave the Health Centre.
  • Telephone and TV service in our patient rooms are offered as part of bundled services in basic* and premium** packages:

    Rental Information

    • Basic* Daily TV Service: $11.70 per day (plus applicable taxes)
    • Basic* Monthly TV Service: $175.50 per month (plus applicable taxes)
    • Premium** Daily TV Service: $15.30 per day (plus applicable taxes)
    • Premium** Monthly TV Service: $229.50 per month (plus applicable taxes)

    *Basic includes 30 channels plus hospital information and phone

    **Premium includes 60 channels plus Internet, Games, Audio Books, Radio, Video Chat and hospital information and phone

    ***If you are not renting the bundled services and someone tries to call you directly from an outside line, they will get fast busy signal. Only those who have purchased bundled services will receive incoming direct calls.

    How to Order Rental Services:

    Activation & Payment with VISA, VISA Debit, Amex or MasterCard

    • To activate services by the bedside press the “Rent Me” button and follow the instructions
    • Visit our website
    • From any phone, dial 1-866-223-3686 to speak with a Call Centre agent who will activate services. Family and friends can order from anywhere with the patient’s floor, room and bed number. Call centre hours are 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Friday and 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday (excluding statutory holidays).
  • Ambulance fees: all users must pay a co-payment for ambulance trips to the hospital of $45. If the use of the ambulance is deemed non-essential, the fee is $240.
  • Medical supplies, such as crutches, canes, etc. (prices vary)
  • Uninsured services such as circumcisions for newborns, removal of certain moles and cysts, cosmetic surgery, and any other de-listed services determined by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (prices vary).
  • ALC Co-payment – if during your stay you require an alternate level of care (long-term care home, complex continuing care) you will be billed an ALC Co-payment rate up to a maximum Ministry established rate of: Daily $60.78 or Monthly $1,848.73. An interprovincial hospital billing rate per diem of $1,433 will be charged in the event that someone is ready for discharge but chooses not leave the Health Centre. For more information about ALC-Co-payment visit the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website by clicking here.

For patients with no Canadian provincial health insurance coverage, hospital and physician fees are charged directly. A daily room rate covers meals, nursing care and some medical supplies. Physician expenses will be billed separately by your doctor. Payment arrangements must be agreed upon with both the physician and the hospital prior to admission and/or service. (The exception is emergent care, which will always be provided regardless of ability to pay.)

The cost for hospital accommodations and services is as follows:

  • Ward accommodation: $2,500 for non-residents of Canada
    • For semi-private accommodation – add $275 per day
    • For private accommodation – add $310 per day
  • Nursery accommodation $900 per day
  • Day Surgery $2,770
  • Emergency visit $818
  • Clinic Visit $359

For more financial and insurance information or to make a payment, contact Patient Accounts located in the East Wing on the 1st Floor, 416-530-6498. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday and closed on weekends and all statutory holidays. Payments can be made in the Emergency Department when the Patient Accounts department is closed or online by clicking here:

*Rates are subject to change without notice*

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