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Welcome to Our Virtual Information Desk
Need directions to a department or clinic? Want to visit a patient? We're here to help!

Use our "Virtual Information Desk", accessible at the top of any page on our website by clicking on this Visitor Information Panel icon icon, to help answer common questions or help you find your way before and during your hospital visit.

Of course, you can visit our onsite main Information Desk located at the Melnyk Entrance (off of the Queensway) which is open from 7am to 9pm, Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 9pm Weekends and Holidays. Feel free to call us at 416-530-6000.

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St. Joseph's Health Centre Toronto

Meet our Legends

At St. Joseph’s Health Centre, our entire community of staff, physicians, volunteers and students is committed to living our mission and values every day and fulfilling a promise first made by the Sisters of St. Joseph almost 100 years ago to care for our community. Every year, we hold a special event called the Legend Awards to recognize our people who exemplify these values, as determined by their peers.

The Legend Awards were introduced in March 2005 in honour of Sister Marcella Herlehy, to formally recognize individuals and teams who consistently demonstrate extraordinary achievements and consistently exemplify our mission and values. As a chaplain at the Health Centre for 23 years, Sister Marcella Herlehy devoted her life to ministering to the sick and supporting the staff, physicians and volunteers at St. Joseph’s by living our mission and values in a special way, everyday.

This year we were excited to recognize seven individuals for their contributions to the Health Centre. Meet our 2017 Legend Award recipients:

2017-legends5Community of Service: Helen Polenek-Aranha, unit clerk, 6M Medicine
“Helen takes pride in her work and ownership of her daily tasks. She is always encouraging others to succeed. Her kind approach puts everyone at ease and helps them face their new tasks. If we need to open more beds on an empty unit, Helen will gladly set everything up and be ready to greet new patients and their families.”

2017-legends2Compassion: Lucy Peprah, Health Care Attendant, 7M, inpatient psychiatry
“She routinely demonstrates caring for our patients and is able to form a therapeutic relationship with even our most challenging patients. Lucy has been very involved in the care of a patient with chronic schizophrenia who has been admitted to our ward for several weeks. He has been untreated for decades and has not spoken for ten years. He is extremely paranoid and disorganized, but has formed a relationship of trust with Lucy, allowing her to bathe and shave him, and to cut his hair after literally years of neglect. She has shown nothing but kindness and understanding to this very ill man, and his family are amazed at the trust he shows her. Although he does not speak, his regard for Lucy is clear, and is shared by the dozens of patients she has selflessly cared of over the years I have known her.”

2017-legendsCompassion: Yusuf Yusuf, Radiological Technologist in our Diagnostic Imaging Department
“Yusuf always finds a way to take the time to connect with each patient he meets. In what is often a very busy and highly stressful job, he puts health care where it should be, not as a conveyor belt of patients being rolled into and out of the exam room, but with the emphasis on care. He will look for a way to initiate meaningful conversation, whether it starts with discussion the sports team on the ball cap or tee shirt that the patient is wearing, or simply asking, ‘How are you?’ and then pausing, waiting for the answer, and actively listening to the patient’s response. Yusuf has a positive attitude, a radiant smile (no pun intended) and a very caring heart.”

2017-legend7sExcellence: Dr. Marika Younker, Psychiatrist on 7M
“Dr. Younker has modelled and taught all members of the allied health care team to provide patient centered care in line with the core values of this hospital. She takes every opportunity to share her knowledge with staff and students to ensure our inpatient team continues to grow and learn with her and to develop a team where patients are truly receiving the best care possible, which reflects on a positive patient experience.”

2017-legends4Excellence: Jenny Seah, Pharmacist in our Pharmacy Department
“I have worked with Jenny in the ICU providing cross coverage when she is away. The first thing the staff ask upon my arrival is ‘where is Jenny!’ The next thing they say is often ‘Jenny would have known that.’ To me this indicates the importance of her role and the contribution she makes to the staff and the patients she covers.”

2017-legends3Human Dignity: Jerkins (Erold) Surposa, RPN in 7M – inpatient psychiatry
“Erold takes the time to fully understand his patients and his team. He recognizes strengths within his patients and helps to have patients reflect on their daily goals and how they can take steps to achieve them, one day at a time.”

Social Responsibility: Amber Daugherty, Communications Associate
2017-legends6“Amber is a one-of-a-kind employee who consistently seeks opportunities to recognize our people and highlight their human potential. From celebrating ‘Why I became a Doctor’ for the Doctor’s Day celebration to the ‘Who am I protecting?’ campaign for the flu shot program, Amber is always looking to highlight the stories that connect our people to its community while doing so in a fiscally responsible and just manner. I could not imagine a St. Joe’s without Amber Daugherty as an advocate for social responsibility.”

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